Sara and Cliff Friedlander

"This is BRILLIANT! It hits the right note on every front. It's so generous of you to share this with the world."

Polka Theatre

"Coronawho? is a lovely, gentle story created by GPs...we love how it turns the difficult bits into a positive!"

Simon Lipkin

"So this is a brilliant beautiful book...It's written by three health care professional mums and helps kids explore the confusion around corona[virus]."

Anne-Flore Laloƫ

"This book is awesome, and not just for children!"


"I love how [the book] chooses to focus on the child's perspective and it really highlights to adults the enormity of the changes that have happened for children during this time. It helps the child to feel like they have been heard and that there is someone else "Elsie" experiencing the same thoughts and feelings of confusion and change."

Jacqueline Langham

"What a beautiful and relevant book! Loved spotting the rainbows on each page"

Jacob Cannondale

"This is wonderful! Thank you for creating this story. Both kids (5&7) enjoyed the story and asked follow up questions stimulating some COVID conversation. After the story, their days went much smoother."


"What a lovely book that is! It will be perfect for our students."